Activities on Woodland Adventure Party/Days

Woodland Adventure Party/Days Activities


From making simple tent pegs or a mallet to creating your own hammock we can guide you on how to choose the right piece of wood to create a masterpiece to be proud of:
  • Wooden Spoon/Toasting Fork
  • Butter Knife
  • Wooden cup
If you are feeling competitive you could challenge other family or friends on the day to construct a shelter or build a fire first or even race to get across the marsh to the other side of the stream!

Circus Skills

Have you ever wanted to be able to juggle or walk along a slack line?
We can teach you simple circus skills during the day and conclude the adventure with a mini performance to show off your new skills like:
  • Poi/staff/club swinging
  • Devil Stick/Diablo throwing
  • Simple Acrobalance


Cooking outside is great fun but it can be a daunting task if you have never tried it before.
We can help you cook a meal for your family or friends or simply toast marshmallows on a stick!
The barn also has a wood fired pizza oven if you prefer something even more rustic.

*Food provide will be sourced as locally as is possible


Fancy yourself as a budding trek master?
We can arm you with the equipment to find yourself around the woods.
We can also create theme specific 'treasure hunts' for you to challenge your family and friends to find all their 'treasures' before you!


Do you remeber ever playing 'Capture the flag'?
We have the space to play a wide range of games and '123 Where are you' can be adapted for all tastes.
You will have the space to engage in outdoor games and have a great time playing fair or getting a little competitive!

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