Management Assessment Day

Management Assessment days

We can provide activities for your management team assessment to explore key team competencies, identify leadership skills and assess individual contribution.
Activities can be designed to identify strengths and areas for improvement to encourage an effective PDP, examine motivation markers and enable teams to recognize how to make objective assessments of performance. 
Packages offered:
We can design your day with your company objectives in mind. Whether its a nice staff day out in the woods or a day with a few challenges or a serious requirement for assessing your teams skills we can discuss your needs and design a day that will meet your key targets.
Charge for a day will vary depending on the activities you choose and the following prices are for a guideline only. We recommend that groups are a maximum of 14 and a minimum of 10:

Staff 'Out of Office' Day basic cost £700 (approx £50 p/p)
Management Assessment Day basic cost £980-£1300 (approx. £70-90 p/p)
Corporate Challenge Day basic cost £980-£1300 (approx. £70-90 p/p)

Offers will be advertised in due course and will be subject to availability.
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